Swimming with Distance Per Stroke

During each workout, I make sure that I am thinking about my distance per stroke.  I want to make sure that I am getting the most efficient use of each pull. I focus on keeping my lead arm extended — gliding — while my pulling arm is generating forward movement.

One of my favorite sets I use to practice distance per stroke is called Pool Golf. I might do, say, 8 x 50s on 1:30, which gives me plenty of rest. I count the number of strokes I use to complete the 50, counting each arms stroke as one. I then add this number to the number of seconds it took me to complete the 50.

So, if I swam the 50 in 35 seconds and 25 strokes, my score is 60. I will try to improve this score by, either, swimming faster but keeping my stroke count the same or swimming the same time but reducing my stroke count. Ideally, I’d reduce both my time and stroke count.
I am looking to establish a long but powerful stroke. I want to make sure that I am making the most of each pull, by finishing through to my thigh while my lead hand rides the momentum.

Try it! I hope it helps.